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How it Works

benefits of product


Explore career options and interests in class through a personalized career assessment and curriculum

benefits of product


Educate yourself through individualized learning modules that connect classroom concepts to career skills.

benefits of product


Employ your new skills and talents in a work-based learning assignment with one of our partner businesses and build a professional portfolio.


Explore the Future. Everything is Possible.

Choose what you want to explore and learn about in or outside of class. Simply enter a “Live Pin” from your teacher to access your personalized “Grow Space” which includes:

  • Self-Paced Personalized Learning Modules
  • Business Created Assignments
  • Digital Badges and Work Portfolio

Make Learning Personal.

Experience learning from industry professionals about topics that you are interested in and want to pursue in the future. Through the “Grow Space” select your own personalized courses that fit your interests and connect to what you are learning in class. As you learn more, your “Grow Space” will learn more about what you want to learn to make your learning fit you.


Learn Anywhere. Learn Anytime.

Learn how the stuff you learn in class connects to real careers from any device. In class or outside of class, complete select learning modules in your “Grow Space” that teach you 21st century career skills for your future success.


Show What You Know.

As you complete the coursework in your “Grow Space” you will earn points toward a digital badge. Once you are awarded a digital badge, you will receive a notice on your profile of your new shiny badge that you can show off to colleges, employers, business clients or customers and more.


Show Why Your Talents Are Valuable.

Through meaningful projects in class from our business partners, you will develop an amazing portfolio of work samples and badges to display on your personal profile. Don’t be shy, use this space to show just how amazing you really are to employers or even your own clients for your business.


Unlock Opportunities. Real-World Application.

With each digital badge, you unlock work-based learning opportunities from our business partners for you to employ the skills that you have learned in the real-world. You will have the chance to work with all types of businesses to build your professional portfolio, gain work experience and even get paid.


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